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Welcome at Mercurious Films

Updated: Jul 12

Let's make it happen!

Realising visions on digital film needs not only business or technical skills, but the power of people, that really love what they do. Especially in situations, when plans fall apart (example: Globetrotting Corona Virus). But being challenged, feeling how fast the brain grows into each project we work on, makes us happy. Willing to evolve, creating the best possible results in each department connects us as a filmmaker family - supporting each other. That's why we finally decided to found Mercurious Media GmbH.

Of course, we are for exchanging experiences and getting inspired. Feel free to contact us if you're looking for a collaboration or if you want to be part of our network.

You want to know what we are doing? See what's in #preproduction/#production/#postproduction.

So let's dream big and make it happen!

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